Romo Says He'd Let His Sons Play Football

Many ex-NFL players have recently said they wouldn't allow their kids to play football

Just last week Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman declared that if he had a 10-year-old son, he wouldn’t forbid him to play football, but he certainly wouldn’t encourage him to play.

Aikman’s far from alone in this. As we learn more and more about the link between football and long-term health issues--specifically the long-term ramifications of head injuries--a number of ex-players, including Aikman’s fellow Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw, have said either that they would take pause before allowing their children to play the game they love, or that they wouldn’t let them play at all.

Current Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is not in this camp though, and says when they’re old enough, his two young sons will be free to play whatever sport they want.

Yeah, they'll play whatever they want,” Romo told Ben & Skin on 105.3-FM The Fan this week, via the Dallas Morning News. “If you're gonna play til you're 35, I think we'd have a discussion about it. But how many kids are gonna play until they're 35? Most of them are gonna be done when they're 17-18 years old.”

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