Romo, Receivers Prepare For '09–ESPN Doesn't Notice

Tony Romo and Roy Williams, among others are working out at Valley Ranch; this will not make SportsCenter

“19. Making the story, not reporting it. Two words: Terrell Owens.”

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Thumbing through the latest edition of ESPN the Magazine, featuring a large picture of a large Candace Parker on the cover, I stumbled across a bit about the departure of Terrell Owens. It said something to the effect of “Terrell Owens is gone. Now Wade Phillips can display his coaching genius. (yikes).”
I shouldn’t be surprised, but those ravenous pseudo-journalist types do it to me every time. Apparently, we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t; and they’ll be filming every minute of our assumed, looming meltdown that will happen with or without Terrell Owens. But, really, how much stock can you put into a company that keeps Skip Bayless’ opinions readily available to the public?
It’s not about football, nor has it been for years, so no need to get caught up in the mindless repartee of a few talking heads. We still have a football team that, at worst, is still pretty good.
And the latest news, if it can be considered news, is even better.
Tony Romo and several receivers, including one Roy Williams, have been quietly working on routes at Valley Ranch. This is important if only for the fact that it is quiet at Valley Ranch—quietly working towards becoming a better football team. I, and everyone else, probably, could get used to this.
In a more specific sense, these lighthearted throwing sessions could go a long way for Romo and Williams, the latter of which implored his quarterback to trust him last season. Building a strong rapport between Romo and, not only Williams, but the entire receiving corps will be key, particularly if you take into account the youth at that position.
With the running back position teeming with young, and until last season, undiscovered talent, a little familiarity in the passing game can go a long way.
Of course, this all hinges on the big men up front, but that’s another story for another time.
For now, hopefully, they are somewhere quietly working to get better.
Do you hear that?
Me neither.
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