Tony Romo Praises “Wednesdays Off” Practice Plan

Tony Romo swears by the practice schedule the Cowboys designed for him in the wake of back surgery

Cowboys Minicamp Football
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The Dallas Cowboys went back to their 2014 practice plan for Tony Romo this week, giving him Wednesday off between a walkthrough Tuesday and practice Thursday, but insisted in doing so that there was no practice plan in place for Romo here in 2015.

But Romo doesn’t sound like he’d be terribly disappointed if the team did just go ahead and declare the no-Wednesdays practice schedule a permanent thing. On his day off Wednesday, he credited the practice plan--which started last year as a precautionary measure as Romo was coming off back surgery--with helping keep him fresh throughout 2014.

I think you know the ultimate goal is to be your best every Sunday,” Romo told the team’s official website. “There’s a routine that we do on Wednesdays that I think is very beneficial that helps me build throughout the year when otherwise it’d be difficult to.”

Romo is back at full health now, but he still devotes Wednesdays to the kind of core strengthening work he did when rehabbing the back--and, once again, he believes that work pays off during the grind of an NFL season.

“In some capacity, being in that weight room and spending those couple of hours in there goes a long way to ensuring that you’re at your best each week,” Romo said. “It’s been a process that we’ve looked at and analyzed and went over and over.”

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