Romo Named Most Criticized QB of All Time

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When you're a quarterback in the NFL, you're generally going to be given too much credit when things are going well for your team, and burdened with far too much blame when things aren't.

When you're the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, both of those are magnified 1,000 times with the whole "America's Team" label and everything that comes with it.

So it's no real surprise that Tony Romo was recently named the most criticized NFL quarterback of all time by pop-culture website

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It doesn't mean Romo is bad, as there are some great quarterbacks on the list of 25 quarterbacks. Peyton Manning is on the list, after all, he's only won one Super Bowl, so is his brother Eli, who has to deal with the New York media, same as this week's Cowboys opponent Mark Sanchez from his time with the Jets. John Elway is on the list, thanks largely to the label of "couldn't win the big one" until the end of his career when he got a running game.

But it's easy to agree with the website's take of having Romo No. 1. He takes criticism to no end from Cowboys fans, other teams' fans, and even his peers in the league, who once voted him as the most overrated player in the NFL. There have been public relationships with the likes of Jessica Simpson and publicized bye week trips to Cancun before losing a playoff game. In other words, there's plenty of ammo for the Romo haters.

Back to that Elway thing for a second, maybe Romo is finally getting that running game he's never had. We'll have to see where it leads.

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