Romo-Less Stretch Not Going Quite How Jerry Jones Thought

The Cowboys have dropped all three games since losing Tony Romo to a broken clavicle

This stretch of Tony Romo-less games isn’t going exactly how Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones thought it would. But it’s not far off, either.

In an appearance on 105.3-FM The Fan on Tuesday morning, Jones confessed that he had kind of mapped out the Cowboys’ upcoming schedule after losing Romo to broken clavicle in Week 2.

"Kind of with your fingers crossed, I had hoped that we could compete against Atlanta, and we did," Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. "We were very disappointed that we tailed-off near the end, but the way Atlanta is playing, we can see that we were up against some pretty good competition. The New Orleans game is and was a downer. It was an opportunity. We didn't get that one. That one, in my mind, needed to be there. Let's mark that up to real expectation and lost opportunity.

"This game against New England was always going to be a real challenge and really an accomplishment if we could get it done. ... We didn't get that one done, so we're sitting here probably in my view with one win short of where I really gut-check thought we could be."

At 2-3, the Cowboys have a bye this week to figure things out, but considering they’re not getting Tony Romo back in the next couple weeks, there’s a feeling that there’s only so much the team can do.

After the loss to the Patriots on Sunday, Jones acknowledged having the thought that, by the time Romo gets back, it might be too late to save the season.

"I don't know that nine wins can get you in the tournament," Jones said. "However you want to count them, you have to ask how realistic is it for Romo and Bryant to come back and then we win all of them. It's not. We really do need to be playing better than we are playing. If we don't do that, then it might be too late."

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