Romo and Crawford Tie the Knot

Its official. Tony Romo and Candice Crawford are now husband and wife. 

After the nuptials, the couple threw quite the reception with prime rib, pizza bars and music all selected by Romo.

Little by little, curious on-lookers in Turtle Creek stopped to watch the show unfold in Lee Park Saturday afternoon.

There was plenty to see from the massive white tent erected for the ceremony and reception to crews frantically working to arrange flowers above archways and light tea candles in vases of water.

"We're ready," said wedding planner, Todd Fiscus. "Its going to be an amazing night."

Slowly but surely, hours before the ceremony, Romo and Crawford's wedding started to take shape.

"They smile a lot so its kind of a reflection of them,' said Fiscus.

The venue too symbolizes the couples' personality. Fiscus says they chose Lee Park for a specific reason.

"They wanted to be in Dallas and they wanted to be in a natural setting," said Fiscus. "And when you have 600, you're kind of limited. This is pretty much the biggest natural setting in Dallas."

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Their guest list of 600 read like a who's who of professional football. Hall of Famers, Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach arrived at the same time. Soon after, it was Romo's teammates; a quiet Miles Austin, then Dez Bryant with some words for the happy couple.

"Congratulations," said Bryant said. "I'm happy for them."

Later, teammate Leonard Davis arrived, just happy to be in some fancy threads at a high class affair.

"This is probably the most dressed up I've been this whole year," said Davis.

No wedding would be complete without a blushing bride. Crawford snuck in the back with her wedding dress well-hidden from view. 

Fiscus said after a night of partying into the wee hours, Romo and Crawford will depart Lee Park in a vintage Cadillac. 

He said its just one more element of the wedding that is uniquely them and a bit out of the ordinary.

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