Texas Rangers

Rangers Fans Excited for Season Opener

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There was a feeling of hope in the air as Rangers fans at Texas Live tuned in to see their team take on Toronto in the season opener.

"I'm pretty optimistic. We spent a lot of money, so I'm hoping it pays huge dividends for us,” said Randall Lamere.

After more than 100 losses last year, they were eager for a fresh start.

"Last year was rough, but we'll see what happens this year,” said Bobby Hawkins.

They were also eager for this opening game after a labor dispute between the league and its players pushed the season back.

"Baseball's a huge part of me and my traditions and what I like to do with the kids, taking the kids to games, so I'm glad we're able to figure it out so we can get back to baseball,” said Lamere.

For the Rangers, this season marks 50 years in North Texas. And the franchise has big plans to celebrate, first at Monday's home opener.

"We're expecting a big crowd on this opening day,” said Executive Vice President of Ballpark Entertainment, Promotions and Production Chuck Morgan. "Let's get it going and see if we can't do something special this year."

The team’s hope opener is scheduled for Monday against the Colorado Rockies.

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