Rangers Want to Forget That Denver Place

The Texas Rangers are headed home in a funk to play two more games against one of the hottest teams in baseball. Not a good situation, huh? Well, there's no sugar-coating, it's not a good vibe with the Rangers at the moment, but one positive to take from the situation is they're no longer in Denver and no longer playing at Coors Field.

Sure, Globe Life Park has a reputation of being a hitter's dream come true, itself. But the power numbers in Arlington have changed in recent years, especially since they opened up the area behind home plate and tinkered with the famed jet stream out to right field.

Coors Field, on the other hand, that's a launching pad, and nothing they can do (aside from putting baseballs in humidors) can change that.

Obviously, home runs are more plentiful there because of the thin air. That's apparent. But there's other stuff about playing there that isn't talked about as much. The biggest thing that killed the Rangers the past two days was balls falling in front of their outfielders, who have to play deep to try to take away doubles (the Rockies hit plenty of those, too).

We had a feeling going to Coors Field to face this Rockies bunch was going to be a bit of a hornets' nest, and sure enough, it was. The Rangers hope to have some home cooking of their own over the next two days.

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