Rangers-Rays Beat Mavs-Thunder In The Ratings

The Mavericks and Thunder kicked off their playoff series on Saturday night as the Rangers were hosting the Rays

As you might guess, two consecutive World Series appearances will bolster a team’s popularity a bit.

The Texas Rangers have been selling tickets like hot cakes for well over a year now--in fact, all six games of last week’s home stand sold out--and now, the team’s status as a bona fide big guy in DFW sports is being reflected in the ratings, as well.

In an outcome that we’d have never guessed, even with the knowledge that the Rangers have become such a hot ticket around town, Saturday night’s Rangers-Rays game outdrew the Dallas Mavericks’--as in, the defending champion Mavericks--Game One matchup with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Per Barry Horn of the Dallas Morning News, from 8:30 PM to 10:15 PM--when the two games overlapped--the Rangers drew a 8.0 rating, while the Mavs’ drew a 6.2.

Which is to say, we knew the Rangers were popular; we just didn’t realize they were quite this popular.

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