Rangers unveil new look for 2009

The Rangers will be seeing red in 2009.
The franchise has unveiled its uniform changes for the upcoming season, most notably of which is the addition of a red jersey and hat combination. This will mark the first time since the 1999 season that the Rangers will feature red as a primary uniform color. Coincidentally (or not, depending on who you ask), 1999 was also the last season the Rangers saw the post-season.
The combination will be featured as an alternative, along with the blue jersey, to compliment the traditional home whites and road grays.
Other notable changes include:
  • 'Texas' will be displayed across all four jerseys. In past seasons, home uniforms featured 'Rangers' on the front.
  • Jerseys will be made of mesh in 2009, as opposed to the traditional double-knit.
  • The Rangers will wear black shoes and belts with all uniforms
  • The new batting helmet will be vented, with a blue front fading into a red back with a metallic finish, and a white 'T' outlined in blue and red        
 Fans have been vocal in their desire to return to the red uniforms, basically since their departure in 2001. The sentiment is understandable; the Rangers’ three playoff births (1996, 98, 99) all occurred in the six year window in which the Rangers featured red as their primary uniform color.

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Conversely, the years directly after the shift were marked by stark futility, leviathan home runs, very little pitching and the worst trade in baseball history. (Ahem, A-Rod, ahem.)
For those who believe in the power of the baseball gods, the decision seems like a no-brainer. The only question remaining, it seems, is if there is enough red in the new wardrobe.
With the best farm system in baseball, one is left to wonder if things aren’t looking up in Arlington.
See the Rangers' new uniforms here.
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