Rangers Introduce More Unhealthy Food

The Texas Rangers took concession stand food to another level a few years ago when they introduced the Boomstick — the two-foot hot dog with chili and loads of other goodies named in honor of former Rangers slugger Nelson Cruz.

The two-pound hot dog was so popular, it managed to stick around even after Cruz was suspended for PED use and then left via free agency. It was followed by such great items as the Beltre Buster and the Choomongous — a two-foot long Korean beef sandwich.

Last season, the Rangers introduced a popular item in bacon on a stick, and now, the team will be rolling out several new artery clogging items for the 2015 season.

First off, there's a new bacon stand, which serves things such as bacon cotton candy, candied bacon and bacon beer.

"Bacon has been trending for a long time now, but the popularity hasn't died down," Shawn Mattox, the general manager of the Rangers' food and beverage operations, told ESPN.com

You said it, Shawn.

There is also a new shop called "State Fare," which is a tribute to the world famous Texas State Fair's fried food menu, which gets more ridiculous by the year. The shop will feature chicken fried corn on the cob and a mouth-watering S'mOreo, which just sounds amazing.

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