Rangers Handling Success Like a Team That Expects It

Winning looks easy for the Rangers, thanks to the right attitude

Part of what makes great teams great, no matter the sport, is handling success.  It's easy for a player or team to get out of focus when everyone is telling them how great they are.

The Texas Rangers are having a very successful season.  They're 46-26 overall, and they've won 24 of the last 31 games.  Needless to say they're hot.

Nomar Mazara is the hands down rookie of the year so far.  Ian Desmond is in the American League MVP conversation.  Cole Hamels looks like an All-Star who could put himself in the Cy Young race.  More importantly, the Rangers are running away with the American League West division up 9-and-a-half games, and they own the AL's best record by five games.

There's a lot to be excited about, as a team and personally for a lot of these players.  However, manager Jeff Banister has his team focused on the task at hand which is impacting the way they handle success.

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"They've got a goal in mind and they're nowhere close to it. That's the greatest thing for me as a manager. I'm sure these guys are aware of where they are in the standings, but they don't look at it," said Banister. "They don't dwell on it. I'm sure they understand what the separation is between the clubs, but they'll tell you it's just June."

Perhaps the most cliche saying in sports is "one day at a time." The reason it's said so much is because it works. 

"They really don't look forward and they don't look back, they stay in the moment. I know everyone that everyone gets tired of hearing that, but we're going to keep telling you that because it's the truth," said Banister

"I think we kind of expect it. We expect going out there and winning," said Mitch Moreland. "When you look at it that way, we're just doing what we think we're capable of. We've continued to do that everyday, we come in and play hard everyday because we have a great team in here. When you're able to do that, and keep that attitude and that goal from day one you're going to put yourself in a good position."

The Rangers aren't even halfway through the season.  There's a long ways to go, but they have the right attitude.  It's an attitude that will serve them well in 2016, because it appears more success is coming.

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