Rangers Give Reason for Fans to Cheer for Prince

The new format of the All-Star Game Home Run Derby should give people enough reason to have some interest in watching the event on Monday night despite its recent history as the ultimate snoozefest that lasts for hours upon hours.

It should be a more concise event in a bracket format with time limits and interesting tiebreakers, and Rangers fans will have a big reason to pay attention aside from just the local tie of Rangers DH Prince Fielder being in the competition.

Fielder, a two-time champ of the event (once with Milwaukee and once with Detroit) will look to be the second player to win the event three times, joining Ken Griffey Jr. If he does, Rangers fans will be able to take 50 percent off club box and lower box tickets for the Rangers' games on Aug. 17 and 19, as well as their Oct. 1 game.

But don't worry, even if Fielder doesn't win the contest, the Rangers fans can still win.

For each home run he hits in the competition, Rangers fans will be able to take $1 off the aforementioned seats for those games, up to 25 homers and $25.

So get your popcorn ready, sit on the couch Monday night and tune in to hear Chris Berman whip you to death with his references of how far home run balls are going. There's a good reason to.

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