Rangers, Andrus Excited About Baseball's Return

Harry How/Getty Images

Major League Baseball is set to begin about four months behind schedule -- better late than never -- with a 60 game schedule expected to be released any day.

"From that standpoint, I think it's going to be fun," said Rangers general manager Jon Daniels. "It's going to kind of feel like a college tournament."

A tournament-like schedule that players -- like Ranger shortstop Elvis Andrus -- cannot wait to begin after frustrating negotiations about compensation for that schedule between Major League Baseball owners and the players union lingered for months.

"We feel good, man," said Andrus. "We feel blessed that the process is over. I don't think it went 100-percent the way we wanted, but at least we are ready to play. And that's what we really want. And we want the fans to get back on the field too."

Hoping fans return, but unsure what the months ahead will hold in that regard, with the Rangers entire organization committed to doing its part in keeping players, team staff and everyone else around Major League Baseball as safe as possible.

"It's going to take a lot of diligence on our part," Daniels said. "Constantly reminding each other to keep your mask on, keep your distance from each other, there's just no need to take these risks. I get a lot of those things can be an inconvenience in the moment. But that's all they are. An inconvenience."

Inconvenient baseball, but preparing to be back -- better late than never.

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