Randle Insists He's Not Finished WIth Football

Joseph Randle has had more than his share of non-football issues over the past year.

Domestic violence, shoplifting, gambling — you name it, he's been tied to it, and the issues haven't stopped since he was dropped by the Cowboys midway through the 2015 season after he started the year as the Cowboys' hopeful No. 1 running back.

Funny thing is, Randle's Twitter bio still says: Joe Randle Running Back Dallas Cowboys! But he's not.

Randle went off on Twitter earlier this week and insisted to anyone who was willing to give him an audience that he's not finished with football.

When one person suggested his only chance would be to go to Canada, Randle didn't seem to argue but gave a rather cocky response. [[369440102,C]]

So, look for Randle to ball out in Saskatchewan or Hamilton or Calgary soon enough.

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