Quinn: Hardy-Coleman Spat a Bad Sign for Dallas Locker Room

Greg Hardy and Davon Coleman exchanged words last week during a workout

Tom Martin

Last week, word of a verbal spat between Greg Hardy and Davon Coleman emerged from Valley Ranch.

Hardy was reportedly trying to motivate Coleman during a workout in a way that Coleman didn’t appreciate and in the ensuing heated exchange of words, Coleman reportedly called Hardy a “woman-beater.” The two were separated and that was pretty much it.

But journeyman NFL quarterback Brady Quinn believes the incident, as well as the quickness with which the spat became public knowledge, is a bad sign for the Cowboys’ locker room. Quinn, who spent 2014 out of football after going to camp with the Miami Dolphins, gave his take this week on his website, Football by Football.

Football is an extremely emotional sport,” Quinn wrote. “There are bound to be highly emotional opinions of Hardy in that Cowboys locker room for the allegations of putting his hands on a woman. This incident highlights what was bound to be Hardy's ‘button.’  It's early and somebody already went for the jugular.

“But that doesn't have anything to do with word getting out to the media. That's not a good sign. This is an example of how not to do locker room. Tempers flare. Things happen. But then they are over. Privately. Simple as that. 'Two people yelled at each other and one called the other a name' shouldn't be news coming out of an NFL locker room.”

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