Quien Es Mas Macho: Romo O Ryan?

Richie Whitt of the Dallas Observer opened the floor to Cowboys fans this morning by asking them if they would prefer having Matt Ryan as their QB instead of Tony Romo.


One (Ryan) is completing 64 percent of his passes with nine touchdowns and four interceptions; the other (Romo) 58 percent with a ratio of 6-to-4. One has a rating of 95; the other 86.

Well, that makes things easy. Gimme the kid from Atlanta with the better stats, who doesn’t fumble every fourth snap. Indeed, I think many Cowboys fans would happily trade away Romo for Matt Ryan in a heartbeat. Ryan is more consistent, less prone to distraction, and at this point has a bigger upside than his Dallas counterpart.

Ah, but don’t count your boy Romo out so quickly. Stats aside, there’s a far better way to compare these two men. To accurately gauge which one is truly the superior field general. That’s right. It’s time to break out the Pro and Con lists and ask: Quien Es Mas Macho: Romo O Ryan?

Matt Ryan:

-Muy macho
-15-6 overall record
-Maintains air of professionalism and dedication that portends a very bright future
-Best rookie season for a QB since Big Ben, possibly Marino
-Nickname of Matty Ice far superior to little known nickname Romo Ultra
-Won over people of Atlanta who loved and adored Michael Vick, even though Michael Vick makes Donovan McNabb look more accurate than a Predator drone.
-Turned Roddy White into a world beater


-From Philly. BOOOOOOOO
-Vince Young ALSO won Rookie of the Year award as a QB, you know
-Has Carson Palmer’s same smile, the one where it looks like he’s voiding his bowels
-Inferior theatrical skills.
-I don’t exactly remember HIM wowing us in the playoffs either
-Having him on the Cowboys still means Wade and Garrett are coaching him

Tony Romo:


-Clawed his way up to starting job after starting out undrafted
-Muy, muy macho
-Most accurate QB, statistically, in Cowboys history
-Most 300 yard games in Cowboys history
-Cowboys have the #2 rated offense in football under his leadership
-According to Peter King, leads the league in smiles
-Quietly, has decided to boycott Burger King
-Handy with a six-iron
-Remember the days BEFORE he showed up?


-Dry heaves
-Knows the perfect little vacation spot to hit just before the Divisional round

A tougher matchup than you think. For now, Ryan is the better quarterback. But who’s to say Romo can’t pull it together and become everything that Dallas fans would like himn to be? It could never happen. Then again, this is Romo. It could happen thisweek, and that’s both the fun, and the agony, of watching him play.

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