Progress Made on Ballpark Upgrades

$12 million additions to enhance fan experience

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington is in the middle of yet another major offseason face-lift.

The club is about halfway through $12 million in renovations. On the field, the Rangers are adding more seats behind home plate, deeper dugouts and field camera bays.

Fan areas will see new and upgraded concessions, open-air breezeways that allow direct views from the concourse to the field and a new retail store. The Cuervo Club, which will be renamed the Capital One Club, will be renovated and expanded to include new cooking areas, bars and dining room space.

Rob Matwick, vice president of ballpark operations, said there are practical and competitive reasons for the upgrades.

"You have a building that's 20 years old. You have infrastructure that's reached the end of its useful life span," he said. "In terms of an entertainment venue, you know, with Cowboys Stadium, American Airlines Center, we have some great buildings in this area and we have to stay competitive with them."

To do so, the club deployed a team to 15 other major league ballparks.

"We wanted to see what was out there and see what makes sense for Rangers Ballpark and, frankly, what we could afford," Matwick said. "It goes without saying that the Rangers ownership has put forward the funding."

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The Rangers say they've tried to enhance fan experience without upsetting the aesthetic of the ballpark

"Some fans walk in and maybe not really notice that anything has changed and, if we can do that, I think that's a good thing," Matwick said.

The renovation is set to be finished by March 22.

The upgrades come on the heels of a nearly $13 million renovation project conducted last offseason. And Matwick said the Rangers are already considering more upgrades for next year.

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