Prince Fielder Drops the Mic, Breaks Down Announcing His Career is Over Due to Injury

Prince Fielder's last press conferece as an MLB player, questions included, lasted just over 15 minutes. Similarly to his career, it felt so much longer. 

Fielder had trouble making it through every sentence. The former Milwaukee Brewer and Detroit Tiger, turned Ranger, showed true gratitude to every organization and teammate that was a part of his journey. 

He had more kind words for his family, especially his two sons, who have often been seen around the ballpark and the All-Star weekend homerun derbies Fielder has taken part in.

Fielder seemed truly broken up about no longer playing baseball and no longer being a Ranger. His career ends with 319 home runs, an OPS of .887, and three top-five finishes in MVP voting. 

He does plan to remain around the team this season, after rehabbing his injury. Saying his presence in the club house will be missed, would be an understatement. 

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