Bracket Face-Off: Sports Reporter Vs. 2-Year-Old

When it comes to March Madness office pools, expertise never seems to matter. By the time One Shining Moment is playing and somebody's cutting down the nets, the so-called experts are usually eating crow while someone who doesn't know a basketball from a football is cashing in the prize money.

This year, one of these experts decided to prove it. Paula Faris, a sports reporter for NBC Chicago, challenged her two-year-old daughter Caroline to a bracket face-off.

Mother and daughter both filled out their brackets. Paula used a pen. Caroline used a crayon.

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Paula: "Georgetown or Iowa, honey?"

Caroline: "Daddy!"

That kind of bracket logic can't miss, right?

Through four rounds, mother is beating daughter. But, if West Virginia wins the national championship, tot Caroline will place third in the NBC5 bracket pool. Topping mom's managers, sports colleagues, and 39 others.


Caroline (daughter) goes 18-14.
Paula (mother) goes 20-12.
Caroline has 8 of the Sweet 16 correct.
Paula has 8 of the Sweet 16 correct.
Caroline starting to slip. Picking just 3 of the Elite 8 teams. 
Paula finding her stride, nailing 5 of the Elite 8. 
Caroline hanging by a thread. WVU is her only team standing in the Final Four. 
Paula picks 2 of Final Four correctly. 

Paula Faris' Bracket

Caroline's Bracket

In another challenge, NBC Chicago sports reporter Peggy Kusinski puts her sports expertise up against an athletically-ignorant secretary and a pig.

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