Pat Doney's 5 to Watch: QBs

The Cowboys are heading into the year with needs at quarterback and the NFL Draft has a few intriguing options.

Tony Romo isn't getting any younger or healthier. Dallas needs to address the backup quarterback immediately to prevent 2014 from happening again, but they also need to focus on Romo's successor. Ideally, they'd fill both roles with one draft pick:

1. Jared Goff, California
• Pros: Anticipation, accuracy, pocket presence, intelligence
• Cons: Frame, happy feet

Goff is the safest bet to be a starter in the NFL. Durability is the only real concern for a guy who possesses the traits critical to transitioning to Sundays.

2. Carson Wentz, North Dakota State
• Pros: Size, arm, feet, athleticism, progression
• Cons: Competition, struggles against pressure

Wentz has higher upside than Goff, but he's less likely to reach it. With reps and NFL coaching, he has a chance to be a star.

3. Paxton Lynch, Memphis
• Pros: Size, arm strength, runner
• Cons: Raw, poor pocket presence, touch passes

Lynch has undeniable upside, but he's a long way from reaching it. Whoever selects him will have to be patient for at least a year.

4. Vernon Adams Jr., Oregon
• Pros: Polish, accuracy, pocket presence, elusiveness
• Cons: Small-size, durability, anticipation

Here's an interesting name to know. Many won't like Adams, but he checks all the boxes of a top NFL prospect except height and frame.

5. Dak Prescott, Mississippi State
• Pros: Size, pocket presence, upside
• Cons: Accuracy, arm strength, anticipation, arrest

Prescott doesn't have Lynch's upside and he's not close to reaching it, but he improved as a passer last season and he's the type of guy you don't want to bet against.

If you want to find a starting quarterback, history says you have to take one in the top 40 picks. The Cowboys have two chances and they'd be wise to use one on one of these five guys.

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