NTX Olympian Says Amazon Driver Hit Garage Door, Cutting Off Access to Her Car

North Texas Olympian, Michelle Carter, says she's been unable to get her car out of her garage since an Amazon delivery driver hit the garage door, jamming it shut

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Michelle Carter won a gold medal for shot put in the 2016 Rio Olympics. She's training for the Olympic trials later this year, with an eye on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but has had trouble getting to practice some days.

Carter said an Amazon delivery driver hit her garage door six weeks ago and jammed it shut. She said she can't open the door to get her Ford Edge out of the garage, which is custom and will take weeks to replace. Carter said she's still waiting on the Amazon delivery's insurance.

"Everything I need to do, I get around in this car," Carter said. "So I would like to have my car soon."

Carter said she's spent about $1,700 on rental cars, and hundreds more on Uber rides to get to training in Dallas, about a 30 minute drive from her home.

Carter said, while some might think Olympic gold medalists have money, her sport is not one that gets those kinds of endorsements.

"I am in what they call the not so sexy event," the gold medal shot putter said with a smile. "People don't want to see a whole bunch of girls throwing heavy balls into dirt, but I just happen to be very good at that."

Carter said she's had to miss some training because of her ride situation. She said she was also concerned about spending money she might need later, should she get injured.

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"I don't have just a whole bunch of money to spend, especially when it wasn't at my expense," Carter said.

Carter plans to go the Olympic Track and Field Trials in Eugene, Oregon in June.

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