North Texas Couple Has NBA Finals Dilemma

It's a tale of two cities for one North Texas couple with ties to both Dallas and Miami. For them, watching the NBA finals has been very interesting.

When the Miami Heat advanced to the NBA Finals to take on the Dallas Mavericks, Manuel Castillo and Gloria Salume found themselves in a very unique situation.

"What are you going to do," said Salume. "The Mavs are where we live and Miami is where we grew up."

The two moved from Miami to Dallas three years ago for teaching jobs. They spend their summers in Miami so they feel a connection to the Mavs and the Heat. It's made them a bit of a pariah to their friends in both cities during the finals.

"Its funny because now we're here and everybody is like, 'no I'm sorry but you guys can't come and watch because you'll be a bad streak for us,'" said Salume.

Rooting for the Mavs in Miami is never easy for them. They even have a Miami Heat poster in their Miami home for when friends visit.

"In case my friends come to see the game here they're going to see, oh ok, well at least she's, you know, part of the town," said Salume.

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Of course, its the same when the two are in Dallas, cheering for the Heat. They at least try and keep their little chihuahua out of it.

"We need to get her the winner's t-shirt," said Salume. "We will, but until that happens, she's not going for any team. She's just neutral."

Soon enough Salume and Castillo will know which team will win it all, solving their dilemma at least until next season.

"We'll be celebrating either way," said Salume.

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