‘No Gym, Don't Matter': Quarantined Minor Leaguer Uses Dead Hog for Workout

Nic Ready Via The Dallas Morning News

Let's face it -- self-quarantine is a letdown for anyone looking to stay fit.

That holds true for former Dallas Jesuit baseball player Nic Ready, who turned to the East Texas countryside to find a workout while his current team, the Miami Marlins, faces a delayed season.

“No gym, don’t matter,” Ready said between reps in the 11-second video that's gone viral on Twitter. “No food, don’t matter. Delayed season, don’t matter. Mom’s still got to eat. Corona, I’m from Texas.”

“I figured what better way to get away from everyone than to go out in the woods and do some hunting,” Ready told the Dallas Morning News. “I did some natural grocery shopping. And then I had to carry it back to the Gator [utility vehicle]. I figured I’d get in a workout with some squats and lunges.”

The News reports Ready, an infielder who graduated from the Air Force Academy last year and was the Marlins pick in the 23rd round of the MLB draft, butchered the animal and came away with enough meat to last two weeks.

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