NFL Deserves Some Credit For Dallas' Woeful December

Lets start with this, everyone loves to watch a train wreck. It's the reason Tiger makes the front page every day, it's the reason a girl named "Snookie" and a guy who calls himself "The Situation" are making the late night talk show rounds.

Consider yourself lucky if you don't know what i'm talking about.

So, the NFL is no different. As much as delusional Dallas fans would like to believe, the Cowboys are not America's Team in the eyes of the league.  In fact, they are treated more like a third-world country.

When the NFL schedules came out in April it didn't take a rocket scientist to see it would be a brutal stretch that included all three division opponents and a battle in the Big Easy against what many believed at the time was a good, not yet great, Saints team. Finally, lets just throw in the Chargers, a popular preseason Super Bowl pick, for fun.

Any team in the league would be lucky to come out that stretch with two wins, unless you play in a division with the Raiders or Chiefs.  So why not KC or Oakland in December? Where are the Bucs and Seahawks of the world when you need them? They're in September, October and November.

Don't believe the hype? Just take a look at last year's December ender: Steelers, Ravens, Giants and the Eagles.

All four made the playoffs and three of them made their conference championship games, probably at the Cowboys expense.

I get it, and I agree with the notion the Boys need to beat good teams in December, but throw Jerry a bone here.

He built the Taj Mahal of NFL Stadiums, but right now it appears Jerry and the boys will be simply watching the playoffs instead of playing in them. At least they have the world's best HD-TV to do it, right?

Until then, the NFL and Cowboy haters will be enjoy the train wreck. But don't try and tell me the league is not partially driving this thing.

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