NFC East Watch: Kelly Optimistic About Sam Bradford's Recovery

Sam Bradford is coming off his second ACL tear in as many years

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly isn’t terribly worried about Sam Bradford’s lengthy history of injuries.

Maybe that’s not all that surprising, considering Kelly traded for Bradford after two ACL tears in two years. The injuries are just a part of the game, Kelly says, and even if Bradford is an extreme case, he reasons that everyone at the quarterback position eventually gets hurt.

Everybody gets hurt in this game,” Kelly said, per CSN Philly. “I don’t know any quarterback who hasn’t missed time. Tom Brady missed a year. Peyton Manning missed a year. Drew Brees has missed time. Nick Foles missed half a season. I mean, Aaron Rogers has been hurt. I don’t know if there’s any quarterback in this league that hasn’t been hurt.

“And if you haven’t, you’re probably young. That’s the deal. You’re going to get hurt in this game.”

Bradford’s history goes beyond the ACL tears, of course--he’s dealt with shoulder issues, a concussion in college and a high-ankle sprain early in his NFL career--but where those latest, most pressing injuries are concerned, Kelly likes Bradford’s chances of bouncing back completely.

“Our research in terms of dealing with guys with two ACLs, there’s a 10-to-12 percent chance of re-injury,” Kelly said. “So that’s an 88-to-90 percent chance that they’re going to be successful.”

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