NFC East Watch: Eagles Won't “Mortgage the Future” for Mariota

The Eagles currently have eight draft picks and they'd like it to stay that way

The Philadelphia Eagles may be “philosophically opposed” to the drastic sort of maneuvering it would likely take to move up and land Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota.

So said Eagles vice president of player personnel Ed Marynowitz in a pre-draft “reporters round table,” anyway.

“Philosophically, we are opposed to ‘mortgaging the future’ was Chip’s term,” Marynowitz said, per Pro Football Talk.  “Really, the way we look at it is draft picks--every draft pick you have is an opportunity to improve your football team.  So the more opportunities we have to improve our team, we’re excited about that.  So I’d rather have more picks than less picks.  I think Chip shares the same philosophy.  That doesn’t preclude us from moving up and doing something.  I think you never say never.  But, philosophically, we have eight picks and we’d like to pick eight players or more, not less.”

Much like the Adrian Peterson-to-Dallas rumors, the rumors linking the Eagles to Mariota aren’t likely to go away before the draft opens next Thursday. Kelly, who recruited Mariota to Oregon and coached him for two seasons there likes him too much. And after watching this offseason unfold, we wouldn’t put anything past the mad scientist that is Kelly.


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