Newy’s Predicts 2016 Cowboys Record, Super Bowl

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I am calling for the Cowboys to go 8-8 and win a terrible NFC East.

Yes, that is a homer pick. 

I'm never great at predictions for the Cowboys. I thought they would be a 5-win team in 2014 and they went 12-4. Last year, I was all in on a playoff season and the club went 4-12 as Tony Romo missed 12 games.

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Fortunately for the Cowboys, all the other teams in the NFC East have warts.

I'm not sold on Washington because they now have to play a first place schedule. Last season, they didn't beat a winning team.

The Giants don't have a running game. They also have a new head coach and I'm not sure how good their defense will be.

Philly has a new head coach and will start a rookie quarterback who didn't start for a FBS team last season. I think QB Carson Wentz' learning curve will be steeper than that of Dak Prescott of the Cowboys.

The Dallas Mornings News had me make playoff selections again. Here are all my picks for winning every division and playoff teams.

When Super Bowl LI comes to Houston, I think the Seahawks will beat the Chiefs for the Lombardi Trophy.

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