Newy: Taco Charlton's Time Ends With Him Being Called ‘Soft'

I asked a member of the Cowboys organization why didn't it work out for 2017 first-round draft pick Taco Charlton. The one word response I received was "soft."

So in the end, the impression the club had of the defensive end was simple, he was a soft taco. Ouch.

Bottom line, Charlton was a bust. He was considered unworthy of playing in the Cowboys two games to start the 2019 season. Games they easily won.

Charlton got his wish. He has been cut by the Dallas Cowboys. They tried to trade him and no NFL club thought enough of him to make a deal.

Taco went on Twitter Monday a tweeted out "Free Me." It will be interesting to see if he is picked up on waivers. His resume in Dallas is thin with just four sacks in 27 games played.

Here's what else justifies calling him a bust, he's on the list of the fewest starts by a Cowboys first-round pick: 1984 LB Billy Cannon (0), 1972 RB Bill Thomas (1), 1978 DT Larry Bethea (2), 1974 RB Charley Young (4), 1979 C Robert Shaw (6), 2017 DE Taco Charlton (7).

The Cowboys didn't want their 2017 first-round pick to fail, but he's been a bust. His work ethic was questioned. Another word used to describe Charlton by the club is "entitled." That doesn't fit what Garrett wants on his team. The head coach has a motto for the Cowboys and it is "FIGHT." This year's word is "DRIVEN." Bottom line, Charlton is not the "right kinda guy" for this 2019 Cowboys team.

He never got out of Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli's doghouse.

Now I want to know if he has to give back his Hot Boyz chain since he was cut. Only Tank Lawrence can answer that, since he runs the exclusive defensive unit.

And I don't want to hear fans moaning about T.J. Watt. The Cowboys first-round draft picks since 2010 have been pretty darn stellar. Look at the list:

2010: WR Dez Bryant - 3-time Pro Bowler, first team All-Pro 2014

2011: LT Tyron Smith - 6-time Pro Bowler, first team All-Pro 2014 and 2016

2012: CB Morris Claiborne

2013: C Travis Frederick - 4-time Pro Bowler, first team All-Pro 2016

2014: RG Zack Martin- 5-time Pro Bowler, first team All-Pro 2014, 2016 and 2018

2015: CB Byron Jones - Pro Bowler 2018

2016: RB Ezekiel Elliott - 2-time Pro Bowler, first team All-Pro 2016

2017: DE Taco Charlton

2018: LB Leighton Vander Esch - Pro Bowler 2018

2019: No first-round selection (traded to Oakland for WR Amari Cooper, who made the 2018 Pro Bowl with Dallas)

The Cowboys scouting department will never hit on every draft pick. No team ever does, but it's clear Will McClay, the Cowboys Vice President of Player Personnel, has a blueprint that is working.

It's not his fault Taco was soft.

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