ESPN Calls Truce With NY Post Over Andrews Flap

ESPN allows NY Post sports writers back on the air

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ESPN ended a week-long ban of New York Post sports writers on its airwaves after the Post splashed nude images from a viral video of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews on its cover. 

The Post was one of several newspapers that published or aired images from the video, which Andrews' attorney says was shot without her knowledge through a peephole to her hotel room. Fox News and CBS showed clips from the tapes on their morning broadcasts after the news broke.

Andrews, 31, plans to seek criminal charges and file civil lawsuits against the person who shot the video and anyone who publishes the material, attorney Marshall Grossman said.

Since the videos hit the web, Andrews has complained about being on the other side of the story.

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"I did nothing wrong and I'm being treated like f---ing Britney Spears, and it sucks," she told 911 dispatchers after spotting two reporters lurking outside her house.

On Friday, ESPN spokesman Chris LaPlaca said the network believes the writers had nothing to do with how Andrews was treated and nothing would be gained by keeping them off the air.

"We just felt strongly that in this unique circumstance, we were compelled to make our point known in the strongest possible manner," ESPN said in a statement. "As a result, we believe our perspective is widely understood and nothing is furthered by continuing down our recent path."

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