Nate Newton: Cowboys “Gonna Have to Trust in Weeden”

Brandon Weeden made exactly one attempt downfield in his first start in the place of Tony Romo

Like a lot of fans, we’d imagine, former Cowboys offensive lineman turned radio host Nate Newton has found himself lamenting the fact that, throughout the team’s loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, the team never really even tried to throw the ball downfield--which, of course, freed the Atlanta defense up to pin their ears back and put the kibosh on all the run plays and dinks and dunks that were working for Dallas in the first half.

The rest is history. The Falcons scored 25 unanswered to come away with a 39-28 road win. The Cowboys’ offense was shut out in the second half.

In an appearance on 103.3-FM ESPN Radio this week, Newton said the solution to the problems we saw Sunday comes down to the Cowboys placing more trust in Weeden as their starting quarterback for the next seven or so games.

You gonna have to trust in Weeden,” Newton said, per the Dallas Morning News. “You gonna have to let him be a starting quarterback. You're gonna have to press things down the field. If you don't, you limit yourself. They can put eight, nine people around the box, stop the run. What we have to do is get our outside guys to be a part of this. Either the quarterback or the wide receivers have to take it upon themselves.”

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