Nap, Nelly in the Lineup; Cards Holliday Sitting Out

Both Nelson Cruz and Mike Napoli are in the lineup for Friday night's Game 7.

Both suffered injuries in Thursday night's Game 6.  Cruz strained a left groin muscle and Napoli rolled his ankle on second base in the fourth.

Nap stayed in the game but Cruz came out.

The fact that the two are in the lineup shouldn't really surprise anyone, being that in a Game 7 you empty the tank and throw everything you have at the wall.  But, those two, and their bats, being in the Rangers lineup gives fans a little more confidence going into the series-deciding game.

On the Cardinals side, Matt Holliday is out for St. Louis after suffering a sprained right wrist.  Holliday was injured when he was picked off by Napoli at third base in the sixth inning of Game 6.

While Holliday hasn't been huge at the plate for the Cardinals, he still poses a big threat in the lineup.

Holliday is being replaced by Adron Chambers.

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