Must-See Sports Moments of the Week: July 17-23

Must-see moments from this week in sports include an impressive baseball takedown, a Yankees pitcher's most shameful moment and an NHLer's grandmother chugs in style.


Independent League Baseball Brawl


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All Eyes on Prescott for Sunday's Game Against the Vikings

Kyle Beach Reveals Himself as ‘John Doe' in Lawsuit Against Blackhawks in Sexual Assault Case

New Jersey Jackals closer Fernando Cruz lost his temper and ran across the field during play toward the Rockland Boulders dugout in the 10th inning of a Can-Am League game July 14. He didn't quite make it, though.

Embarrassing Pitch Fail

That's probably not the pitch the Yankees catcher called for from CC Sabathia, who fell during his motion in Thursday's game against the Orioles. To add insult to (figurative) injury, his fall allowed a runner on first to advance on a balk.

Grandma Chugs From Stanley Cup

Penguins' winger Phil Kessel's grandma took a swig of champagne from the Stanely Cup at a family party during Kessel's turn with the trophy Thursday.


Worst Ever Own Goal


Minnesota United FC is set to join the MLS next season, but that was before goalkeeper Sammy Ndjock committed one of the worst-looking own goals in soccer history.

A Man of His Word


Boston's Hanley Ramirez doesn't like being hit by pitches. After hitting two home runs, Ramirez was hit by a pitch from the Giants' Albert Suarez. He appeared to tell Suarez "I'll get you back" before hitting a third home run in his next at bat.

Soccer Team Pranks Coach


Witness the classic pretend-to-fight-to-distract-your-coach-and-put-a-pie-in-his-face prank executed to perfection by the Canadian Women’s National team. Manager John Herdman didn't even see it coming.

Juked Out of His Shoes


Professional street basketball player Larry "Bone Collector" Williams literally dribbled a kid out of his shoes at a basketball camp in China. The most amazing part of this might be that you can get paid to play street basketball.

Former NFLer Attends FIFA Party in Texas


Former NFL wide receiver Chad "Don't Call Me OchoCinco" Johnson, who's not shy about challenging people to games of FIFA, basically held a 10-hour FIFA party for students at Texas State University in San Marcos. A student hosted the event, but Johnson was the main attraction and even bought doughnuts and pizza.


Phillie Phanatic Plays Pokemom Go

Have you heard of Pokemon Go? The divisive smartphone game is one of the biggest topics in the country and the Phillie Phanatic had some dramatic social commentary on the subject.

Vendor Butt Shot

An ice cream vendor was struck in the butt by a foul ball during Tuesday's Astros-A's game. He was just minding his own business, pushing ice cream, when something "jumped up and bit" him.

Three Birds, One Stone

Royals pitcher Danny Duffy was clearly angry at batter Jose Iglesias, his catcher Salvy Perez and the home plate umpire during Saturday's game against the Tigers. You have to appreciate the efficient way he channeled his ire into one pitch.

Football Player's Son Runs Drills

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Football is a mere weeks away, so NFL players like 49ers wide receiver Torry Smith is working to get into shape before camp starts. Smith's son T.J. doesn't look like he'll be ready by camp, but it's adorable watching him try.


Spectacular Belly Flop

This is likely not the result this "diver" had in mind. Flipping from a bridge that high is impressive, but it would have been tough to stick a more painful landing.

Peanut Retires, Still Forces Fumbles

Former Bears and Panthers defensive back and famous fumble forcer Charles "Peanut" Tillman announced his retirement Monday. His annoucement came in the form of a YouTube video that shows he'll apparently continue using the "Peanut Punch" outside of football.

Bunt Derby

It's probably hard to find a more exciting All-Star event than the home run derby, so Korea didn't even try. Instead, the Korean Baseball Organization went with a a bunt derby.

MLB's Fastest Pitch

Yankees reliever Aroldis Chapman tied the record for the fastest pitch ever recorded Monday night. His 105.1-mph fastball — which was a ball, by the way — was the fastest pitch since he set the record in 2010.

Walk-Off Pull-Up Jumper

Adam Lind's three-run walk-off home run lifted the Mariners past the White Sox Monday night. Lind celebrated how any 33-year-old would: With a pull-up jumper.


Emotional Rollercoaster

Baseball games that last 18 innings are tough on everyone, but a young Pirates fan seemed to be the most emotionally-invested person at Sunday's Pirates-Nationals game. Follow along on his journey.

Strike 2, You're Out!

Paiging Leslie Nielsen. It's understandable for an umpire to get amped up about a called third strike. Umpire Ryan Blakney was a little too eager during Sunday’s Astros-Mariners game, though.

1 Swing, 2 Hits

Most people would have trouble just making contact with a pitch from a major leaguer. Junior Lake was just showing off when he did it twice in one swing against the A's Sunday.

Glitch Pitch [[387245991,C]]

It's no wonder Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka held the Red Sox to one run Sunday. Not even his catcher expected that kind of movement.

Bubba's Lucky Bounce

Golf giveth and taketh away, but it definitely gaveth to Bubba Watson on the fourth hole at The Open Championship Saturday. Watson's shot was off-target, but a sprinkler head redirected it fairly close to the hole.

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