Must-See Sports Moments of the Week: Aug. 28-Sept. 3

Must-see moments from this week in sports include a college football team's awful start to the season, a baseball ignoring the laws of physics and an 8-year-old drone-destroying golfer.


College Football Struggles Running Onto Field

Not the best start to the 2016 season for Western Kentucky. The Hilltoppers were able to right the ship and beat Rice 46-14, but still...

Your Move, Physics

Las Vegas 51s first baseman Eric Campbell figured out a way to make a baseball make a 90-degree turn. His groundball was headed toward the dugout when it decided to head back onto the field for an out.

Golfing Girl Takes Out Drone

This 8-year-old girl may have peaked golf-wise when she hit a drone with her tee shot.

Poorly Made Side 'Line'

Another football fail. Whoever painted this South Carolina field before a high school game needs to look up the mathematical definition of "line."

Fortunate Seating Arrangement

Louisville’s Traveon Samuel should always have to sit directly to the left of quarterback Lamar Jackson.

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Seahawks soar to victory by dominating the New York Giants

5 takeaways from Seahawks' 24-3 win vs. Giants on Monday Night Football


College Rival Helmet Swap

Rival Helmet Switch

TCU in green and gold? Texas in crimson and cream? See how some college football helmets would look with colors swapped with their rivals', courtesy of Cameron Nolley. Some of the results are pretty sharp, but many are downright offensive.

Foul Ball Startles Fan

This Phillies fan is going to have a tough time living this moment down. He seemed to forget there was a net between him and the ball, but his reaction was a little over the top.

Drake Nails Half-Court Shot

Move over Steph Curry. Drake nailed a half court shot, and called bank, according to the Miami Heat.

Sliding, Run-Saving Catch

Shortstop Addison Russell saved the Cubs at least two runs by catching this pop-up in no man's land during Wednesday's game against the Pirates.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

The Mariners' Chris Iannetta thought he went around on a 3-2 pitch in Wednesday’s game against the Rangers and he wasn't interested in waiting for the umpire's decision. The ump ruled he didn't swing, so several people had to tell Iannetta to head to first base.


Pitcher's Kick Save Catch

Indians pitcher Zach McAllister couldn't get his glove down quickly enough to grab a comebacker during Tuesday night's game against the Twins, so he casually kicked it up in the air and made the catch instead.

Quarterback's Impressive Trick Throw

Most people can't throw a 25-yard spiral as well as Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. Even fewer can throw one underhanded and behind the back like Carr did in practice.

Florida State Star Eats With Shunned Student [[391850341,C]]

Florida State wide receiver Travis Rudolph was visiting a middle school in Tallahassee Tuesday when he saw a student eating lunch by himself. Turns out the student was a sixth grader with autism, so Rudolph spent the entire lunch period eating with him. #allergies

Ranger Gives Opponent A Wedgie

After reaching first base during Tuesday's game, Rougned Odor appeared to subtly try to give Mariners first baseman Dae-Ho Lee a wedgie.

Golf 'Trick' Shot Fail

Look, this could have been way worse. But still, just put your tee in the ground.

Pitcher Gets Community Service For Pickoff

No one was covering second base when Korean pitcher Lim Chang-yong tried to pick off a runner Saturday, so Chang-yong decided to throw at the runner's head for some reason. The runner didn't advance, but Chang-yong was sentenced to 120 hours of community service.


Ranger Tries To Confuse Ambidextrous Pitcher

What do you do if the pitcher you're about to face is ambidextrous? If you're righty Adrian Beltre facing Mariners reliever Pat Venditte, you try to confuse him by pretending to bat left handed.

Lucky Dog

This dog picked a bad time to leisurely trot down a dirt road, but fortunately it just missed being hit by a car during a rally race in Bolivia.

Deer Jumps Into Cycling Triathlete

Staying with the "animals intervening in races" theme, it's probably hard enough to compete in a triathlon without a deer trying to jump through you. Good job by photographer Erik Scraggs to capture the moment Shane O'Relly will never forget.

Madden 17 Glitches

Evidently a glitch in the recently released Madden 17 video game turns touchbacks into touchdowns.

So if you're playing the latest Madden installment, just find the nearest end zone.

Nice Sliding, Barehanded Catch

Toledo Mud Hens shortstop Dixon Machado ended Monday night's game in style. That catch would have been mildly impressive even if he had used his glove.


Long Snapper Takes On William Tell

Long snappers are among the most underappreciated players in football, so they have to take matters into their own hands to be noticed. The long snapper from Columbia pulled off one of the more impressive tricks by knocking an apple off a girl's head.

Incredible High School Soccer Goal

The good: This amazing flip and goal scored by Dylan Prichett-Ettner, a junior from Columbine High School in Colorado, Saturday. The bad: The goal was disallowed because Prichett-Ettner was ruled offside.

High Schooler Flips, Spins For First Down

It must be Impressive High School Flip Day. Alonso High School running back Malik Johnson took a fake punt, flipped — while spinning — over a defender, nailed the landing and converted the first down.

Experience A Grand Prix Crash

Danish driver Kevin Magnussen lost control of his car, spun and crashed into a barrier during Sunday's Belgian Grand Prix. Surprisingly, Magnussen suffered only a minor ankle injury.

Highly Athletic Pick-6

Texans edge rusher John Simon somehow contorted his body to tip a Carson Palmer pass, then manage to catch his tip and run it back for a touchdown against Arizona.

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