MLB Hits COVID-19 Snag While Still Debating Fans Attendance Policy

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Major League Baseball was scheduled to have all 30 teams play on Friday without a single team missing game action because of COVID-19 test results.

That's something that had not happened since July 26.

However, the St. Louis Cardinals reportedly had a positive coronavirus test in their clubhouse Friday afternoon, which canceled the Cardinals game against the Cubs.

The positive test continued MLB's difficult dance of trying to play while keeping players safe.

“To me, the only thing that I think was a surprise for Major League Baseball was not that there were positive tests, I think there was some degree of surprise how quickly the number of positive tests seemed to spread through clubhouses,” said Dallas Morning News reporter Evan Grant.

Before some clubhouses had seen COVID-19 spread, Major League Baseball had been open to potentially considering allowing fans to return to watch games in-person in stadiums like Globe Life Field in Arlington sometime in early August, but the Rangers said MLB has given no updates on when that date might be now.

“I can’t see fans being allowed in Globe Life Field in a best-case scenario before the final week of August at this point in time, and that’s being very optimistic,” Grant said. “I would not be surprised if Major League Baseball asks its teams, even in the case of Texas teams, to hold off on this for the foreseeable future. It just would not be a good look in any fashion.”

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Not a good look, as baseball again tries to navigate playing games in the midst of a pandemic, with hopes to finish the condensed 2020 season with as many games played as possible.

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