Mincey Denies Cowboys Were Calling Out Eagles' Plays

Eagles receiver Josh Huff claimed this week that he heard coaches on the Cowboys sideline yelling the Eagles' offensive playcalls before the snap

On Monday, the day after the Cowboys beat the Eagles 20-10 in an ugly divisional contest, Eagles receiver Josh Huff told the press in Philly that at times during the game, he heard coaches on the Dallas sideline calling out their offensive playcalls before the snap.

But Cowboys defensive end Jeremy Mincey denies that that ever happened.

"Oh, no. That's all myth,” Mincey said, per the Dallas Morning News. “It's all discipline. This game is about discipline. That's all it was. Nobody called out nothing. We called out what we were supposed to play and we played what we were supposed to play and we were in our position like we were supposed to be in. Kudos to Coach [Rod] Marinelli for scheming up a great game plan and for my teammates executing it. They did a great job.

"We didn't [say], 'Oh, this is coming,' nobody did that. Everybody stayed fundamentally sound. It might have felt like that to him. Truth be told, that's a lie. We're just focused on being discipline and doing what we do best and that's just being discipline, fundamentally sound and physical."

Mincey wouldn’t dismiss the notion that Huff’s claims could merely be a case of sour grapes.

"That's probably what it is,” Mincey said. “When you lose everybody finds a reason."

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