Michael Young States Obvious: Don’t Give Up on Gallo


Michael Young could easily be known as Captain Ranger. He's one of the few true faces of the Rangers' franchise and is the owner of several offensive records for the franchise.

But with his latest comments, we'll just call him Captain Obvious.

Young, who is now a special assistant to the general manager, seems to be enjoying his cushy front office gig, and that, of course, includes evaluating some of the franchise's younger players and top prospects when asked to do so.

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When speaking to Ben & Skin on 105.3 The Fan recently, Young cautioned Rangers fans not to give up on slugging prospect Joey Gallo. Um, thanks, Mike.

"I would really caution against somebody giving up on this guy. He's 22 years old. So it's almost like a tough way to look at it. Because he was good enough to get to the big leagues at such an early age, and he faced big league pitching, had some great stretches and had some stretches where he didn't execute because the talent level's so high. When I was 22 I had just finished up my last season in A-ball. I hadn't even touched the big leagues, I hadn't earned my way to the big leagues yet. 

So I would really, really be slow against judging a guy because he was good enough to get to the big leagues at such a young age. This is insane, raw power. He's athletic, he wants it. Joey wants to be an impact player. It's just a matter of development. Baseball is a hard game. There's a reason there are so many levels to the minor leagues, cause it takes time. So I think the biggest thing is let this kid develop. He will let everyone know when he's ready to rock and roll. I believe in him, I'm in his corner, I know our organization is. The sky really is the limit to this guy."

Look, Gallo had a rough go in the majors last year at 21 years old when he shouldn't have been anywhere close to the big leagues. It wasn't surprising.

If you're actually judging Gallo based off that or if you're ready to give up on him, you need to re-evaluate the way you evaluate.

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