Marinelli Says He's Never Seen a Turnover Drought “Like This”

Rod Marinelli is in his second season as Cowboys' defensive coordinator

The Dallas Cowboys’ defense hasn’t successfully created a turnover since the Week 2 victory over the Eagles in Philadelphia. That’s four games, 16 quarters, 240 minutes of turnover-less football.

It’s the longest such drought defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli has ever seen.

I’ve not had a dry spell this far--not like this,” Marinelli told the team’s official website. “We’re going to keep being positive and keep emphasizing in practice. When they break, it’s going to break. We just have to get that one.”

As Marinelli is quick to point out, it’s no coincidence that the Cowboys haven’t won a game during their turnover slump.

“We’re working on it. We’ve got to,” Marinelli said. “It’s the difference between winning and losing. We’ve come up on the short end. We’re still stripping, they’re coming, but we have to get more. We’re going to constantly emphasize it.”

The problem is, the Cowboys’ staff can’s really make a grand declaration that they’ll emphasize creating turnovers in practice, because Marinelli and co. always emphasize turnovers. It’s just over the past month of the season, for whatever reason, it hasn’t translated in games.

“I just do what I do,” Marinelli said. “I just do what I’ve done my entire career. That’s really all you can do.”

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