Lindsey Vonn and Her Dog Finally Arrive in PyeongChang After Travel Delays

It only took her 24 hours after an extra-long flight delay

Lindsey Vonn does everything fast, but even the 2010 Olympic downhill champion is not immune to travel delays. Vonn and her "confused" dog, Lucy, reached South Korea after a 24-hour trip. 

Vonn posted on social media that her flight was delayed:

After deplaning from her original aircraft, Vonn asked her followers whether it would take her “under 24 hours” or “over 24 hours” to get to Seoul. 

Turns out it was a push, because the journey took exactly 24 hours:

Vonn made sure to thank the crew for getting her to the 2018 Winter Games:

Vonn’s dog seemed affected by the jet lag:

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