Last Call With Marty Turco

For over 8 years, Dallas Stars goalie Marty Turco has called North Texas his home.  He and his wife, who was his high school sweetheart, are raising three children and would like to stay in North Texas after retirement from the NHL.

Turco said he caught the hockey bug at a young age while living in Canada and recalled his dad coming home after a full day of work and making sure the rink in their backyard was ready for skating.

Turco said his parents never pushed him to play hockey, they instead showed him how to love the game as much as they did.

Unlike many professional hockey players who enter the draft before college, Turco attended the University of Michigan and helped lead the team to two NCAA titles. He then joined the Dallas Stars where he became the starting goaltender in 2002. Since then, Turco has played in numerous playoff games and has been chosen to appear in several All-Star games.

Also unlike other goalies, Turco alternates his hockey mask depending on what uniform the team is wearing. Turco said he learned his sense of style from his sisters.

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One of his favorite restaurants is Al Biernats in Dallas. They are no strangers to professional athletes and at times stay open late to accommodate their guests later schedules.

Additionally, the restaurant is also known for it's commitment to excellent service.

One of Turco's favorite dishes is the Sea Bass over Lobster Risotto.

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After he hangs up his mask, Turco said he is looking forward to taking a spring break trip with his family, getting on a pair of skis instead of skates, cooking more and maybe even taking a leap into country music.

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