Last Call with Jeremy Wariner

You could call Jeremy Wariner one of the fastest men in the world. In his 26 years, he's managed to bring home three Olympic gold medals from Athens and Beijing, along with numerous world championships medals.

Wariner said he's not done yet and is currently training for the 2009 world championships.

"We have world championships every two years, so this year is actually a world championship season and that's what I'm preparing for right now -- and to us the world championships is just as big as the Olympics," said Wariner.

He is also looking forward to 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

"I'm trying to at least run in 2016, you know, hopefully Chicago can get the Olympics, and I get to run my last one at home," said Wariner.

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Despite traveling and competing all over the world, Wariner is proud to call Texas home. He grew up in Grand Prairie and loves to eat Bar-B-Que. One of his favorite places, Rudys, in Frisco, is not far from where he is building his new home.

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Wariner got a taste for Rudys while attending Baylor University in Waco.

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"From Texas, everyone loves BBQ, and first time I had Rudy's was actually in Waco. We had one in Waco and ever since then, that's the only place I can think of in Waco to get BBQ -- so I'm there all the time," said Wariner.

He spends his time between Waco and North Texas, and trains a minimum of five days a week.

In high school Wariner played football, basketball, baseball and track, where he took state his senior year.

And despite being so focused on track, Wariner said he managed to have a normal high school life.

"I still got to do the same thing every other high school student did, I just, when I was at practice, I was focused. I wasn't out there goofing around, I was out there being serious because I knew I had a future in it,"  said Wariner.

He is also trying to generate more excitement about track and field here at home. Overseas he competes in venues with to 80,000 spectators but here at home it's more like 10,000.

Wariner also said his mentort, Michael Johnson, has also been a key part of his success.

"He's played a big role {in Warner's life} besides being my agent. He's taught me a lot of things about the sport, got me ready for the international life, of track and field," Warner said.

"Some people think just going to Europe and running is just like running at home, in the states, but really it's not. You've got to go over, get adjusted to the time change-- you've got to train still while you are over there even if your coach isn't there you have to train and get to a track and do it," said Wariner.

But Wariner isn't always business. When he is off the track, he enjoys driving his Mercedes S600, spending time with his family and friends and taking care of his two dogs, a saint bernard and a German shepherd/ great pyrenees mix.

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