Jerry Says Cowboys Didn't Bench Randle

Joseph Randle's night against the Saints pretty much ended after he used a goal line maneuver the coaches explicitly told him not to use last week

In an appearance on 105.3-FM The Fan on Tuesday morning, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones denied that running back Joseph Randle was benched after using a jumping, stretching goal line move (that he had been warned against using by the coaches the week before) on a second quarter touchdown run.

"No, we didn't bench him," Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. "We did not bench him. We just wanted [Darren] McFadden in there at that time. Seriously, it was not a bench."

Just the day before, on Monday, head coach Jason Garrett seemed to suggest that Randle’s high-risk move had played a role in his being sparsely seen throughout the rest of the loss. But Jones insists that wasn’t the case.

Of course, that’s not to say Jones is a fan of the move that got Randle uh, not benched, but pulled from the game in favor of Darren McFadden.

"We teach, they teach, everybody teaches take that ball out down there," Jones said. "It's one of the premium thoughts that you have on the goal line, 'Get the ball out!' That's one of the real opportunities the defense has when they get their back against the wall like that. You got to protect the ball near that goal line."

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