Jerry on McFadden: “You Talk About Cream Coming to the Top”

Jerry Jones has been a major advocate of Darren McFadden ever since he acquired him in March


Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett has indicated that the team will give Darren McFadden a greater role moving forward, after the veteran went for 152 yards and a touchdown on 29 carries against the Giants. Not surprisingly, Garrett’s boss, Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones is in lock-step with this plan.

Jones suggested McFadden could get the start on Sunday, when the Seahawks come to town. Joseph Randle has been the starter all year, but is dealing with a back issue, which opened the door for McFadden’s big day in the first place.

"You talk about cream coming to the top, that's what you look for," Jones said, per the Dallas Morning News. "He certainly showed in a very competitive situation what we had hoped he was capable of doing, so he should just continue to get better. He really was the complete package out there the other day."

Jones claimed when the Cowboys acquired McFadden that the running back still possessed the kind of skills that made him the fourth overall pick of the draft in 2008. On Sunday, Jones believes he showed it.

“That was the McFadden that you saw not only as a collegiate player but also the one [who] merited the [fourth] pick in the draft," Jones said. “You saw him use that extraordinary burst. Deion Sanders, not only was he fast but from a standing start to a full-blown run he did it the quickest of probably any athlete who has played in the NFL. McFadden has got that. He's got that burst. You see it really to the outside. It looks like to the eye that he makes a yard or two, if that, and they move the chain down six or seven yards. That's speed.”

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