Jerry Jones Talks About Kneeling and Playing in a Pandemic During Cowboys Opening News Conference

The Dallas Cowboys held their annual 'state of the team' news conference to kick off the 2020 Training Camp Wednesday. As you might expect, COVID-19 concerns and recent social unrest were a major discussion during the virtual event.

Jerry Jones has not spoken publicly since the death of George Floyd sparked protests across the country.

The Cowboys' Hall of Fame owner and general manager was asked about the possibility of his players kneeling during the national anthem this season to protest racial injustice.

In the past, Jones has said his players are required to stand for the anthem with their toes on the line or they won't play.

Jones says no decisions have been made on how the Cowboys will handle the anthem this season, but Jones says he will listen to his players as they come up with a solution.

"I'm going to have grace, I've had grace," Jones said. "Many of you have written and criticized me for having too much grace and understanding regarding our players and I probably have. And I'm going to have grace regarding the people who are sensitive about our flag. Somewhere in between there -- as the weeks, as we get together with our team, as we discuss with the team -- somewhere in between there is how we're going to handle it."

Dak Prescott had a more definitive answer when he was asked about the topic.

The Cowboys' quarterback says he would support any teammate who chooses to kneel during the national anthem, adding, "that's what this country is all about."

After holding Cowboys training camp in Oxnard, Calif., for the last eight years, training camp this summer is at The Star in Frisco because the NFL required all teams to hold training camp at their home facilities during the coronavirus pandemic. Fans are not permitted to attend.

And there is no questioning where Jones stands on how the NFL should react to COVID-19 challenges this fall.

"We've got some adjustments to make," Jones said. "We're going to make them with enthusiasm and we're going to make them with can-do. The Dallas Cowboys plan to play all of our football games and we plan to play them in front of our fans."

Jones says the Cowboys will follow the CDC's guidelines regarding just how many fans would be allowed at games in AT&T Stadium, but emphasized, this is about more than just NFL football this season.

"It is important to everyone concerned," Jones said. "The future of players, it's important to the future of coaches, it's important to everybody concerned that what we do right now is put the show on. Put the show on. Safe? Absolutely safe. But prudent to step out here and make this happen."

Hoping to put the show on for a number of reasons, including the opportunity to provide a brief reprieve for sports fans around the world in the midst of difficult circumstances.

"It can be an inspirational part of how we address COVID, not only this year but how we go into 2021," Jones said. "It's worth it to make the effort to have a complete season and I want to do it in front of our fans."

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