Jerry Jones Says He Understands Dez Bryant's “Responses”

Bryant made some headlines on Thursday when he ripped into the media at Valley Ranch

In news that shouldn’t come as much surprise to anyone, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isn’t getting too worked up over Dez Bryant’s locker room blowup at Valley Ranch on Thursday.

In his weekly appearance on 105.3-FM The Fan’s G-Bag Nation on Friday, Jones acknowledged that he wasn’t aware of what exactly brought on Bryant’s tirade--which was aimed specifically at ESPN Dallas's Jean Jacques-Taylor, and generally at the media as a whole--but added that, knowing Bryant as well as he does, he’s grown accustomed to the way Bryant sometimes expresses himself.

"I have a lot of experience with Dez, real close in," Jones said, per the Dallas Morning News. "I probably have a tolerance for the way he expresses himself that you can't expect people that don't know him in a real up-close and personal way would. Not that mine is the right thing to be, maybe you can be too close to something sometimes. But because I am close and because I've spent a lot of time with him, then I understand his responses."

Bryant’s tirade is just the latest manifestation of the frustration of the seemingly-already-lost, injury-plagued 2015 campaign--frustration that has reached Jones himself.

"That guy in that mirror," Jones said, "I'm irritated with a lot."

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