Jerry Jones on 20 Years With the Dallas Cowboys

The embarrassing end to the Dallas Cowboys disappointing season became less about the players, and more of an indictment on the failures of owner and general manager, Jerry Jones, something that he's learned to handle in his 20-years as the Cowboys top man.

"It's the same criticism I faced the first three years," said Jones. "I know media and my critics will give you one big one, and he's sitting in this chair right here, I understand that."

Even more disappointing is the playoff drought, 12 years without a post-season win. Which means no more Super Bowls for an owner who tasted immediate success winning 3 in his first 7 seasons.

This year's team was one of the biggest disappointments in franchise history and while most blame the locker room chemistry, Jones says that has nothing to do with it.

"If it is speculated on outside of the organization, it's overblown. 100 percent of the time it made no difference whether we made first downs or touchdowns or or won football games, so that while I'm aware or sensitive or want to know where it's appropriate to be involved, I don't put it on the highest priority of things we need to do to be in the Super Bowl next year," said Jones.

Jones is also sticking to his word and keeping head coach Wade Phillips around for another season.

"The thing that influenced me about Wade Phillips was Wade Phillips and our team. Does that give us the best chance to go to the Super Bowl, that was the number one thing," said Jones. "Men and women have down times and turn around and be champs, so I probably, in Wade's particular case, am a lot more in him getting the benefit."

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In his one on one with Matt Barrie, Jones also touched on the recent gag order.

"What we've got on a highly critical basis is people reporting misinformation." said Jones. "I know how to filter that, I know how to make sure somebody in personnel has the full picture of what we are going to do."

And what's even more apparent with Jones is, in his eyes, he's just getting started.

"I'm more excited about next week and next month than I was when I first started off 20 years ago," said Jones. "Sitting in this stadium is what gets you up early and keeps you up late."

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