Jerry Doesn’t Want To Get Into Whether He Regrets Releasing Ware

The Cowboys released DeMarcus Ware after the 2013 season

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It’s coming up on two years since the Dallas Cowboys released the franchise’s all-time sacks leader, DeMarcus Ware, in a salary cap move, and two years is a lifetime in NFL time. So maybe because it’s ancient history, Jerry Jones doesn’t want to get into whether he regrets the move or not.

“I don't want to do that to,” Jones said, per the Dallas Morning News. “The nature of our decision had to do with not so much what DeMarcus was not, it had more to do with the structure we're in today called the salary cap, so we had to look at it rather now or future and so at that particular time we really frankly couldn't afford him and so I'm glad he's gone where he has a chance to compete where he is.”

Of course, everything worked out fine for Ware. He was picked up by the Denver Broncos, fresh off their Super Bowl loss to the Seahawks at the time, and has thrived there. A week from Sunday, he’ll do something he never could with the Cowboys and play in the Super Bowl, and Jones is thrilled for him.

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“I think to be the great player that he is we haven't had anybody who was the complete person any more than DeMarcus,” Jones said. “He is a joy. He's got a great legacy with the Cowboys and someone I think a lot of. It couldn't happen to anybody that has been any more of a team player. When he was here, he helped us develop left tackles, he helped us early with [Tyron] Smith, he helped us with our offensive line, he helped develop young pass-rushers, so in his own way, because he always had that attitude about him, he was always helping his teammates get better.

“He deserves his shot at the Super Bowl and I'm glad he's in a situation on the team he's on. He gets some times when he's not being double-teamed.”

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