Jerry: Dez-Patmon Fight “Nothing New” for Cowboys Camp

Dez Bryant and Tyler Patmon squared off in the second padded practice of camp on Sunday

We can’t imagine that the combatants in Sunday’s much-talked-about training camp fight, Dez Bryant and Tyler Patmon, will receive any kind of stern talking-to from their boss, Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones.

Jones sees what happened on Sunday afternoon in Oxnard as just a part of training camp, as predictable as leg cramps.

“This was our second day of having this crowd out here and the kind of atmosphere everybody has worked to put together, and that atmosphere breeds that kind of passion,” Jones said, per the Dallas Morning News. “It breeds that kind of excitement and sure enough here comes some after-the-whistle action. It didn’t surprise me at all. As a matter of fact I was going past a TV screen and just stopped because I forget who it was, it was our network and man you would have thought it was CNN featuring something (laughs) some big event going on.

“That’s good stuff. That’s training camp. Now that’s not new. That’s been happening at our training camps for years and years and years. It is a throwback to the years when you saw Michael Irvin out here, Deion [Sanders] and those guys.”

Jones told reporters that he wasn’t surprised to see Bryant’s passion spill over into a fight, but he also wasn’t surprised to see Bryant and Patmon bury the hatchet shortly thereafter, “... when he finally came back around on his own volition and they made up like a couple of teammates do.”

Jones added: “There is always humor in that stuff.”

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