JD: Manager Switch For the Better

Sure, Tim Bogar went 14-8 in his 22 games as the Texas Rangers' interim manager after the abrupt, unexpected resignation of the club's all-time leader in wins, Ron Washington.

But that's a small sample and isn't enough to put too much stock in when talking about Bogar and his credentials for getting the job full-time heading into 2015. Even still, for other reasons, Bogar seems to be the favorite to permanently replace Washington, and general manager Jon Daniels said it might be for the better.

Daniels spoke to 103.3 FM on Monday afternoon and said while it hurt him at the time to see his longtime manager unexpectedly step away with less than a month remaining in what was a painful season all-around, he believes it might have been a necessary change in leadership.

“In part, I do," Daniels said. "And I say that with a lot of respect for the success we’ve had as a group with [ex-manager Ron Washington] playing an enormous role. I would’ve said no to that had Wash not resigned and the situation didn’t come up. I would’ve told you that I did not think that was the case. But having seen the last few weeks, having seen the change in the energy and atmosphere, I do think it had an impact.

"Tim [Bogar] should certainly get some credit for that, but sometimes I do think that a change is beneficial. I told Wash this and I’ve told you guys this before, I was hoping he’d be the only manager I ever hired. I was hoping it would be an even longer-term partnership, it was already eight years which is a long time in today’s game. So I was not going to make the move this winter. Since it was effectively made for us, I can look back now with some perspective and say ultimately, it may be for the best.”

So there you go. Time will tell whether the Rangers respond well to whoever replaces Washington — Bogar or not — but Daniels believes they will.

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