Jason Garrett Just Fine with Dez Bryant’s Passion

Dez Bryant took a shot to the face after joining the fracas with the Rams on Tuesday

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Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett is just fine with Dez Bryant’s passion.

The oft-asked question of whether Bryant’s passion is an asset or a liability arose this week after the Cowboys’ and Rams’ joint practice turned into a huge brawl, and was cut short by Rams coach Jeff Fisher shortly thereafter. Bryant wasn’t at the heart of the fight, at first. He didn’t practice the day before and wasn’t even on the field where the brawl erupted.

But he had done a lot of jawing with the Rams from the sidelines on Monday (and begged unsuccessfully to get in and compete against their DBs) and he got punched in the face when he joined the fracas on Tuesday.

Afterward, Garrett suggested Bryant’s passion is something that might need to be reined in at times, but ultimately an asset.

I don’t know that overboard is the word,” Garrett said, per Todd Archer of ESPN Dallas. “You want it to be channeled and focused in the right direction. You never want to diminish someone’s passion for something. Certainly Dez Bryant’s passion for football is something we all admired and if we all had it, we’d have a hell of a football team.”

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